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Outstanding success at Southend!

Today was our first ISTD qualifier of 2017 at Southend. The week leading up was one we wish to all forget, however, I believe it was a week where it showed a dance school coming together to support and enable the spirt of the school ready for the competition. The pupils arrived in a professional manner, one where everyone could see we where Carolyn's School of Dance, a place to be proud of. And proud we were!! The attitude of the dancers and the way they presented themselves was amazing. So here are the qualifiers so far...... Well done everyone!!!!

Line Dance

Lilyana Foster

Tammie Johnston

Jessie Harris

Eve Littlechild

Ela McIntosh

Lily Broadbent

Jessica Johnston

Georgia Newman

Shannon Williams

Shauna Daly

Jasmine Cannons

Rock N Roll

Connie Clark and Ela McIntosh

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