Team dancing is a great way to develop your skills and co-ordination, and to learn how to work together to achieve great results. You can see each of our current teams below


Under 10 Beginner Team

Lily, Lola, Scarlett, Sadie

Sophie, Tierney, Willow, Esme

Isabelle, Zarah, Jasmine, Cassie


Under 16 Beginner Team

Leah, Sophie, Erin, Jessica, Sophia

Charlotte, Mae, Kaiya, Megan

Poppy, Millie, Eve, Jessie

Rhythm Nation

Youth Beginners Team

Niamh, Lily-Rose, Danielle, Chloe, Brianna

Georgia, Megan, Lola, Joella-Joleigh

Quiana, Katie, Imogen, Mia

In the Mix

U16 Starter Teams

Preeya, Hannah, Libby, Skie, Poppy

Alana, Connie, Shannon, Jenna


Boom Box

Under 10 Beginner Team

Amy, Ava, Gabbie, Daisy

Bobbi, Lilyana, Danielle, Darcie

Tammie, Finley, Poppy


U12 Beginner.s Team

Ella, Kasey, Lexi, Zoe, Caitlin

Esme, Sapphire, Brooke, Imogen

Naomi, Melody, Courtney, Georgia


If you're a regular dancer with Carolyn's and are interested in joining one of the teams and competing in local competitions, Contact us for more information!