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Carolyn's Super Success at Clacton!

Yet again another amazing day for all Carolyn's pupils at Clacton's ISTD competition today. A day of highs and lows all as our pupils danced outstanding yet again, looked beautiful and had such an amazing attitude towards their fellow dancers. Yet again all the teachers could not be prouder of all your hard work and dedication x

Our qualifiers for today are as follows -

Line Dance

Bobbi Clark

Jasmine Goody

Finley Walkinshaw

Esme Harvey

Sophie Ratcliff

Keisha Amoah

Daisy-May Whiffen

Charlotte Blowers

Erin Nugent

Sophie McCarthy

Jenna Moffat

Skie Nelson

Preeya Gardner

Connie Clark

Tia McIntosh

Erin Ablitt

Rock N Roll

Tammie Johnston and Finley Walkinshaw

Roll On Cambridge

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