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All of our dancers do us so proud.

These are our ISTD qualifiers so far -

Line Dance

Bobbi Clark

Fraser Walkinshaw

Tammie Johnston

Jasmine Goody

Casey Barker

Lilyana Foster-Bara

Keisha Amoah

Jessie Harris

Maia Clarke

Finley Walkinshaw

Evie-Mai Harding

Lilly-Mai Mander

Skye Churchman

Esme Harvey

Daisy Whiffen

Joella-Joleigh Cole

Charlotte Blowers

Courtney Dunnett

Hannah Green

Connie Clark

Skie Nelson

Georgia Newman

Poppy Barnham

Mae Hepden

Jenna Moffat

Shauna Daly

Ami Akers

Brooke Cumming

Laura Bird

Zoe Harris

Rock n Roll

Bobbi clark and Lilyana Foster-Bara

Skye Churchman and Lily-Mai Mander

Tammie Johnston and Finley Walkinshaw

Courtney Dunnett and Melody Pooley

Erin Nugent and Sophie McCarthy

Sophia Ashford and Brianna Nolan

Brooke Cumming and Tia McIntosh

Libby Thomas and Hannah Green

Poppy Barnham and Shauna Daly

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